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Hi All,


I have in my Gantt two task related to testing activities that could happens in different moments.

I have a third task that represents the test bench setup and I want to schedule it in order to finish it before the other two start.

If I link it using to start-to-finish, the setup will be completed when the latest testing activity will begin. How can I set it in order to finish when the earlier testing activity will start?


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matteboz -

The Test Bench Setup task should be the Predecessor task to both of the testing tasks. Set a Finish-to-Start dependency between the Test Bench Setup task and each of the testing tasks. Hope this helps.
Hi Dale,
Thank you for your support.
My problem was that simply setting as you suggest move the bench setup to the begging of the project. Set is as "as late as possible" definitely solve my issues!

Thank you,
Matteo --

You are more than welcome for the help, my friend!