project Site creation failure



I get the attached error when trying to build a site from a template. This happens for all the templates in our library, new and old. 

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Hello @pauleast ,

What happens when the EPT is set to use the default "Project Site" template - does that work?


@Paul Mather  we don't have a default one as in OOB from Microsoft as we have a custom build. What does seem to be happening is the failure of the site build doesn't happen when we create a project from 'new' whereas using our pipeline list does...this links list items to custom fields in the project details.

Hi @pauleast ,

As a test, can you set one EPT to use the OOB Project Site template and create a Project from the pipeline list to see if it repros there? 


we don't have an OOB template:( do you know if this exists online and we can add?

Hello @pauleast ,

On the EPT in the Site Template option in Project Online, there will be "Project Site" - that is the OOB project site template.


@Paul Mather thanks, found it! Unfortunately no luck, it fails to build a site with the default template.