Project Showing Resource Overallocation But Resource Usage Doesn't

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For some reason Project is showing that a resource is overallocated as you can see from Task Inspector screenshot.  Is task inspector trying to indicate that the Summary Task the task and resource fall under are what's causing the overallocation?  That doesn't make sense.  However, when I look at it in Resource usage, it doesn't show any overallocation.  So I don't understand.  Any insights?




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I've seen something similar wherein the Gantt Chart doesn't show overallocation (little red person) but the Resoruce Usage view does. I suggest you take a look at the Resource Usage view and display Work, Work Availability, and Overallocation as the timescaled details. Set the timescale to equate to resource overallocation criteria set in leveling options.

I’m actually running into the opposite issue. The Gantt chart is showing overallocation but then when I checked in Resource Usage. I didn’t see any overallocations.
Also I don’t see a work availability field in resource usage, only a Remaining Availability field