Project Server when an admin opens a certain project it is opening in read-only mode

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We have Project Server and one of my admins is experiencing an issue where he can't check out one of his projects, I had the same issue and was able to clear my cache, however he cleared his cache and the project is still opening as read only for him, but not for me.  I am not sure what else he should do at this time. 

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Hello @nmanus,

If other users can successfully check out and edit this project, then it will be something local to this user or this user's device. Can this user edit this project in the PWA web interface?

Yes, he can edit the project site, but not the schedule. 

Hello @nmanus ,

So from the project center in PWA, if the user clicks the project name, click the Schedule PDP, click the Task Tab then click Edit - does that work?


@Paul Mather  He doesn't have the Project Schedule included as one of his pages.

Hello @nmanus ,

Are you able to temporarily add the schedule PDP into that EPT so that the user can try editing in the browser via PWA? I'm trying to rule out a permission issue if the users local project cache has been ruled already.


@Paul MatherThe prior issue resolved itself, now my dashboards are not updating with my latest changes in PWA.  I am not sure what happened, because I haven't made a change to the dataset, or the report in weeks.  

I also have the reports scheduled to send to my leadership team everyday, and yesterday the report was not sent. Today, I discovered that can't save any of my changes on my reports. Again, I have not made any updates to the reports, and I don't know where to start to understand why everything has stopped working.