Project Server 2013 PWA Custom Sort, Filter, Group not Sticking

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I hope this is the right place. Sorry if it isn't. We're running Project Server 2013 and until recently when a user would specify a group or filter in PWA it would stick so they wouldn't have to re-create it every time they browsed to the Project Center or Resource Center or any of the task or assignment views. This has been the case for years, however, over the past several months it's no longer working. Is there something that might have changed? This coincided with our transition from IE to Edge. Is there a browser setting or something?

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Hello @Kevin_Slane ,

You're in the correct place.

This is stored in the DB so the browser shouldn't have caused this. Are all users and all views impacted? What patches have been deployed to the Project Server 2013 since it stopped working?


Asking one of our IT guys to confirm the patch level. However, your question reminded me of some related odd behavior. So on the project center and in the various project views, none of our filters, groups, or sorts will stick. However, on the resource center, every time I go there it's filtered for something I filtered for months ago and can't get it to UNfilter for that.

@Kevin_Slane it must have been an update that caused it. All you can do is check that you have the latest patches and hope there was a fix released for it. Project Server 2013 is a very old product - mainstream support ended 4 years ago: 


Certainly possible. And yes, don't get me started on how old PS 2103 is or that we're still using it. HAHA. One thing to note, if I go back to IE11, I can change my sorts, groups, and filters and they tend to stick. I just tried it with that stuck resource center filter and it worked in Edge and Chrome once I "fixed" it using IE.

@Kevin_Slane Maybe the browser isn't sending the data to the backend correctly, either way, all you can do it make sure you have the latest patches for 2013 and hope there was a fix for it. Best to upgrade / move to Project Online / Project for the web though!