Project - Resource Leveling

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I've created a Resource ("INDRSI") with 4 units available.


I've created two tasks:

  • AAA: 60 work days, prio 900, 1 unit
  • BBB: 600 work days, prio 500, 4 units


With Resource->Level execution, Leveling order "Priority, Standard", I see that Project firstly plans task AAA and afterwards task BBB.

It means that in the first 60 days, only 1 unit is used.

In order to fully book my team, I'm wondering which leveling options / other task or resource configurations I should choose in order to Level in a way that:

- both task AAA and task BBB start together

- In the first 60 days, task BBB would use 3 units only (because task AAA already utilizes 1 unit).

- After 60 days, task AAA is finished, so task BBB would be covered with 4 units.


Thanks a lot for your support!



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