Project Professional 2019 summary tasks not capturing sub-task dates

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I have recently upgraded from Project 2007 to Project Professional 2019 on my desktop PC. When opening programmes from the old 2007 format and saving them in the new 2019 format, the summary tasks then show "0" as their duration and the date the summary tasks defaults back to the project start date, regardless of the sub-task date ranges that sit beneath it. After trying every likely setting adjustment on the new programme that may influence this without success, I then consulted many online help forums but still without any success. The below is a screen-print of a sample programme where this is happening. Can anyone please assist in finding out how to get the summary tasks to correctly reflect their sub-task dates again?

Notes - There is no grouping in the programmes. "Auto Schedule" is set to the whole programme.


New Picture.bmp


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