Project Plan no license user issue

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Dear all, 
Let me simply introduce my situation.

I have two accounts now, one account named "Account A" with Project Plan 1 license, one account named "Account B" without Project Plan 1 license.


Now I created a New Project and invite Account B into the project.

For Microsoft Project limitation is the un-license user only can mark task as complete and key in completed how many %.

Question No.1,

is possible let Account B to key in his actual complete time? (Effort Time)

Question No.2,

How can we know our employee he late to complete task or total how many hours he late?
What I know when the task late will appear red label on the task, but once the employee mask as complete the late will be gone without calculate total late how many hours.



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Hello @Alvin_Pang ,

The Office 365 users without a Project Plan license are limited as you have seen, there is not way to control what they have access to: If you want them to update other data, you will need to grant them a Project Plan license.

Regarding tracking if a task is completed late, there is no time phased data entry (timesheets etc.) or baselining in Project for the web, so out of the box, you are not able to track this. This is available in Project Online though.



Thanks for your response, Paul.

Let me think another work around solution for my client.
Thanks again.