Project Plan 5 without Project Client - how to export WBS

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Dear all,


I was wondering if you could help me solve an issue. I have Project Plan 5 without Project Client for faculty provided by my organisation and I cannot seem to export my projects in Excel maintaining the WBS structure. I've read somewhere that there is a "Network Diagram View" that can change that. Is this a feature only avialable in the desktop app?


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Ada_E450 --

If it gives you any consolation, even if you used the Microsoft Project desktop application to export your project to Excel, the resulting workbook would still not display your WBS structure. What I recommend you do is to ask your Project Online application administrator to create a custom Project view for you that includes the Outline Level field. When you apply this custom view, the exported Excel workbook will contain the outline level for each task, which you can then use to quickly recreate your WBS structure. Hope this helps.
Thank you so much, Dale. This is a great suggestion.