Project Plan 5, home page setup is different

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Hello everyone, 

I am quite new with Project Plan 5, I used to see some pictures showing the possibilities of this software such as below, able to take Project Request, Ideas etc. 



However after myself log in, I only see the following: 


 Do I miss anything? How can get the same view as above?




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Chen -- What you see in the first screenshot is a custom SharePoint list item named Ideas & Requests. This is NOT a default feature in Project Online. If this is something your organization needs, either your Project Online application administrator or a SharePoint administrator can create the custom SharePoint list for you. But you would need to supply them with the fields that must be filled in to create the new project request. After approval, the SharePoint list item can be converted to an enterprise project.
Hi Chen,

In addition to Dales advice, there is the option to work alongside a Microsoft partner who can help you configure a Project Online environment for your organization.

If you wanted to do this, you can use the below link to search for a local partner

@Dale Howard Hi Dale, Thanks for your reply. I have checked with our IT department, but it seems none from our organization has experience with Project Online, Sharepoint etc. I have shared your reply to them, but they still did not know how to help me. 

Is there a tutorial available to configure the part you mentioned below "create the custom SharePoint list"?

Hi Sam, Can the local partner only provide consulting advice? Since I have already bought the software.
Correct, the partner would review your requirements for the solution and help you deploy it in your tenant