Project Owner Keeps Reverting

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I'm using Project Online and have a PWA site site up that holds all our projects.  I have one particular project that I created and I am the Status Manager on all the tasks.  Every week or so, the project owner gets changed to another PM (the same one each time).  I login to our PWA site and have to manually change it back to me.  Has anyone ever seen this?

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Hi @Stoney35 

I would first try to see if the project is corrupted. Try to use the save for sharing method from MS Project and see if it helps.

@Guillaume Rouyre, thanks for the suggestion.  Didn't know about Save for Sharing functionality.  I did that and will now wait a week to see if that may have fixed the corruption. Will report back here later. Thanks.

Well it happened again.  So I have started to keep track of when this happens, and from 2 data points, it seems to happen between Monday night and Tuesday morning.  I'll see early next week if it happens again as 2 data points is not much of a trend.

I am experiencing this same issue. Did you every find a root cause or solution for it?

@AaronDemenge I did not.  Tried lots of things but the project ended so I closed out the project with the owner it kept switching to.


thank you!