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We are currently using SharePoint 2013 workflows for demand management in Project Online, because it connects to PWA build-in fields like Workflow Phases, Stages and Custom Fields. SharePoint Workflow can access most of the PWA content. We are several issue like workflow error out due to inactive workflow owner , not possible to change owner and stop email without workflow update. As of now Power Automate with current PWA feature set, can only create Projects/Tasks/Resources, access very few Project metadata. SharePoint 2013 workflow are also near EOL.


We want to submit an idea to include PWA related feature set/connections in Power automate to create Project Online workflow like EPT , workflow phase, workflow stage , custom field and  inbuilt fields .So that we can convert our SharePoint workflows to Power Automate. 

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If there is any work around or solution available to above issue . Please let me know.