Project Online workflow not progressing to next stage after workflow task is complete

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My PWA workflow has some approval workflow gates where once the project enters that stage, workflow tasks are created in a SP list that get notified to users who approve them & then the project moves to next stage. This was working well a few weeks ago & I noticed today the project remains stuck in the same stage even after the respective workflow task is completed. The workflow was created in SharePoint Designer. I don't see anything wrong with the workflow set up in SP Designer. I attempted to restart the workflow for this project, that didn't fix it. I expect the project to move from "vCAB Review" to "Pending" stage when the SP task is set to complete. 

If you've encountered this before and can help troubleshoot the issue that'd be great. 









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mohd123 --

Since your question is related to SharePoint workflows, I would recommend you post this question in one of the SharePoint user forums, as you would have a better chance of getting an answer to your question. Hope this helps.