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Hi team

  1. Is it possible for a team member (assuming they have a Plan 3 licence and have a security role of PM or above) to change the start or end day of a task inside their Task sheet?
  2. In 'Task Settings and Display' is it possible to change the 'Tracking Method' after it has been set (e.g. from 'Hrs of work...' to '% of work complete')

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James --

1. Yes, this is the default behavior of the Tasks page in PWA, and your team members only need a Project Essentials license to do this. This is assuming that the Project Online administrator has not "locked" the Start and Finish columns for editing. The locking of these columns is done in the settings for the My Assignments view, by the way.

2. Yes, this is entirely possible. However, the new settings will only apply to unstarted tasks. Tasks that are in progress will continue to use the old method.

Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard Thanks for this Dale