Project Online/Tasks screen: "no grouping by week of year"

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Does anybody knows how to Group by: "week of year" in Project Online?

In Project Online/ Tasks screen I am using  "Group by date".In Units/Date I choose the format of date. By this way I can group by: month of year, when choosing format: "January 2010".

However in date format drop down list, there is no selection for "week of year". This means I cannot group my tasks with Group by: "week of year". In Project Desktop App this is configured in Group Definition window/Define Group Intervals/Group on: "weeks"


Thank you

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@Ignanikola I shall manipulate the date by using REST/CSOM then convert the date into WEEKNUM then post back to Project Online to another custom field (for example "Week Number" as integer).

So I can create a new view Group by using that field "Week Number"