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Upon deleting resources, I got this message "The resource is the assignment owner for .... and cannot be deleted." I am unable to query Status manager unlike other custom fields.  This allows me to see info. I need across all projects and know where to go and replace old resource/status manager with new person.


Currently, I query using task name which is time consuming and not productive.


How do I query Status Manager and whether this is searchable.  Thank you.


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Hello @NLuu-020321 ,

Using the Task endpoint in the ProjectData API, you will have the TaskStatusManagerUID.


@Paul Mather Thank you very much Paul.  Cheers!

@NLuu-020321 Also I would like to expand a bit more to help those who maybe new to Project and PBI.

To get Status manager's name, you will need to compare two datasets 1) Resources and 2) Tasks. 

I used PBI, and get data via OData feed selection (put in your URL:

In the Resources dataset retrieve ResourcesId and ResourceName. 

In the Tasks dataset, retrieve Task name, Project Name, and Task status manager UID. 

Then merge two datasources to find the Status manager's name residing in what project and which task.

With that information, you know where to go make change and replace former status manager who left the company with the new one.