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Are there any options for using the SharePoint modern UI with Project Online?  It would be nice to be able to utilize a modern page 1) on the PWA landing page, and 2) on the home page for each of the project sites.  Has anybody done this yet?  And if so, are there any caveats or tricks to make it work properly with the project site template, etc.?

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Great question!

Would be nice if Microsoft could provide an answer or roadmap on this!


As more and more are converting to modern view I also get a lot of questions about why the project sites are on the classic view. The users are expecting modern view

Yes, there is also some inconsistencies in the modern/classic views for the SharePoint lists. So, if you create any custom lists in the project site, they show in modern view, but the Issues/Risks/Deliverables lists all show in classic. It's a small thing, but causes some confusion for end users.

I am also facing the same issues, still project site using 2013 experience version while creating the site collection. If Microsoft upgrade we can able to use the modern experience for Issues/Risks/Deliverable's.



Jenkins NS 

Hey Microsoft - any update on modernization of Project Online/Web App Sites? This is making me nervous in terms of recommending the approach to clients. When I look at the Roadmap, I see 5 updates released but absolutely nothing currently in development or even under consideration? Is MS Project getting canned and Planner being proposed as some sort of substitute??

Ridiculous to be silent on this issue.  People are making choices with real money, and the uncertainty surrounding this issue is pushing lots of people to other options.  Microsoft's advantage is impressive integration of the entire office software suite, and at the moment competitors are handling Modern Office 365/SharePoint integration for project management software better than the authors themselves.

Please, if anyone important in the MS Project product team sees this, just talk to us.  We need something.

We will be making a number of announcements about the future of Project at Ignite.


Stay tuned to Ignite,



Great to hear, I really hope your team has a great vision for the product in the current landscape.  Looking forward to Ignite.

Excited to hear more about the newly designed Project Management Service in the upcoming year.

In the meantime, Newsfeed is being deprecated, but since we cannot use modern sites in PWA we cannot access the recommended replacement!

After over an year this is still relevant question but answers are missing.


It would be nice to hear how to modernize current classic Project Online project sites. And how to get  Teams connected to them. I can create Teams for my project and then O365 Group and SPO site will be provisioned but then PWA project site will be kind of an orphan. And then my project team has two Sharepoint sites - PWA project site and Teams connected Sharepoint site.

@Teemu Strand 


I am going to answer the question however i work in Project Web App online.

1. If you go to manage features in the PWA settings and activate Site Pages will give you the modern page option in PWA.

2.  For Teams it is a bit of a work around. You need to create your Team as you normally would, delete the default site and then connect to the Project Site. 

Thanks @Melody Shults for your comments! That "activating Site Pages" is definitely a workaround but I was hoping that PWA project sites, which are provisioned automatically with the project, would soon be modern. To avoid avoid manual interventions and get them O365 Group connected but I understand the PWA permission model is setting some limitations here.

@Teemu Strand , would you please let us know if that worked for you? I have that option checked mentioned by @Melody Shults and still no modern site pages :(

@Melody Shults after activating Site Pages where do I find the modern page option? I cannot seem to locate any option that is different to the current look and feel under the 'change the look' setting.


@Melody Shults 

2.  For Teams it is a bit of a work around. You need to create your Team as you normally would, delete the default site and then connect to the Project Site. 

This is very useful, as getting everything standardized in one place on sharepoint is something I'm currently working on. Can you please tell me how you "Connect to the project site?"


Sorry for the long delay in answering. However in you site pages library under new should show option for Site pages.  


Hi all, I know this discussion was started a while back. Is there any confirmation on the modern UI being rolled out?