Project Online Resource Engagements update

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A quick update, the Resource Engagements feature will not be automatically enabled for all on the 22nd September, this has been delayed. New PWA instances created will still have the engagements feature automatically but existing PWA instances with Resource plans will not be automatically updated to engagements in September.
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Is there an article or information from Microsoft on this? Also, what is the new mandatory date this will be enabled by default?


The alert still shows in Project Online and we are working with a client to prepare for the change.

Hi Matt,


See the comment below with the article link:


“The feature will no longer be automatically activated on September 22, 2016.”


There will be a message in the Office 365 message center next week and the status bar with the count down will be removed. There is no new date yet.



Thanks Paul, much appreciated! Looks like a great feature.