Project Online resource engagement is smoothed after being reassigned

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Can anyone tell me if this is expected behaviour or if there is any what I can stop it from happening?
We ask PMs to request generic resources and use time-phasing to specify how much resource they require each week/month. We have found that in the web app, when a resource manager reassigns a time-phased engagement to a named resource, the committed work row in the time-phased view auto-populates with the max units for the request, smoothed rather than time-phased. This results in over-booking if the resource lead doesn't spot it and remember to copy the proposed work row and copy it into the committed work row.

For example:
PM requests a resource for 5 days in week 1, 3 days in week 2, 0 days in week 3 and 5 days in week 4
Resource lead sees this engagement in time-phased view and can see the uneven profile
Resource lead reassigns the engagement to another resource. Project online automatically enters 5 days per week for entire engagement.
Resource lead has to copy the uneven profile in the proposed row and paste it into the committed row before accepting the engagement.

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@JennyT289 Rather than adding a new resource to the task can you use the "replace" function to replace the generic resource with the named resource?  This will copy all the details and just replace then generic name with the specific name


On the desktop version the replace function is under the resource tab / assign resources; simply select the (generic) resource, click replace and chose the replacement (specific) resource.



Thanks for your reply but that doesn't solve my problem.  I'm talking about resource engagements in the project web app rather than tasks in a plan.  


In the web app when a resource lead wants to reassign an engagement to a named resource rather than a generic resource you select the current name and change it to the chosen resource.  This is when the proposed work is smoothed and over-booked.  There is no replace option in the web app.  Our resource leads don't use the desktop tool, only the web app for managing resources and resource engagements.  

Ah sorry, missed the fact that you're on Project for the web.