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Hello team, 


Is there any way to get the Project Published trail with the user (who published) the project and at what time?

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hachishti --

Sorry, but Project Online does not maintain an "electronic paper trail" of who published the project last and what time they published it. The only fields that contain information similar to this are the Last Modified and the Last Published fields, which can be added to a Project Center default or custom view. Hope this helps.

Thanks, Mr. @Dale Howard for your reply.

OOB this option is not available can we achieve it through event receivers?

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Hello @hachishti ,

Yes you could build a solution using event receivers. In our Project Online DataStore app (, which takes data from PWA and pushes it into Azure SQL, we capture the user that triggered the event and store this in the SQL DB so it can be reported on. We also store the history too so you can see this over time. Worth noting, I work for the company that built this app, it is not a sales pitch, just stating it is all possible!


Thank you Me. @Paul Mather