Project Online: 'Project Manager' Security Group Not Working in PWA

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I have trouble working with the Project Permission Mode in the PWA instance.

I'm trying to apply the 'Project Managers' security group to one user (let's call him "Andy"), who is expected to see only projects that he is the owner or is a team member. The person also will not be able to edit any resource in Resource Center.


I have quite a good experience with PWA administration settings.

Now I'm confused because after I assigned Andy with Project Managers security group, then act as a delegate on behalf of Andy.. Andy can still all projects even though he's not the owner. In addition, he can also edit resource information.


Here are the configurations that I have applied.


1. I have set the Permission Management to "Project Permission Mode"



2. In PWA Settings > Go to 'Manage Users' > select only 'Project Managers' security group




3. Go to PWA Setting > Manage Groups > Project Managers > select the applicable Categories as "My Projects"





4. Go to PWA Settings > Manage Categories > Ensure 'My Projects' category has the right project visibility





What else did I do wrong? Why did Microsoft make the interfaces so hard to work with? I do not understand why the person can still see all projects? Please advice. Thank you.

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TCCTTest -

If you are a system administrator, rather than merely a Project Online administrator, then Project Online will apply your system admin permissions when you are using the Delegation feature in PWA. Would that explain why you are seeing what you see? Please let us know and we will try to help you. Hope this helps.