Project Online overwriting my calendar when uploading

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I hope someone can help

I am having an issue when uploading a new project from the desktop to project online.

The main base calendar for the system does not have any exceptions, as we are a global company and projects arent limited to one region it has been decided that we should ask the project managers to manually review national holiday exceptions and manually push tasks out rather than building the system to cover all potential holidays.

As is always the case, the issue I am having is a project which is an exception to the above rule. The project in question has a different base calendar which accounts for national holidays in one region. As this is a one off, and the project is very detailed and old, I would like to just upload it as is.



  • I have created a copy of the regional calendar and added it as an enterprise calendar in the system
  • Prior to using the import wizard, I have changed the project calendar and working time calendar to the new base
  • when using the import wizard I have checked at each stage to ensure the working calendar has not changed
  • I have changed the resources calendar to the new base

The above ensures no tasks are assigned during the exemption period, Ive checked at each stage of the wizard and this approach is working


Then it goes wrong, as soon as you select save (in the wizard) the task dates all move so some are scheduled where there should be an exception i.e. it seems to adopt the standard base calendar, this is for tasks with and without resources assigned. The region specific calendar is still displaying in the working time box so I am not sure what is going wrong

 Id be grateful if someone could help with this





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Matthew --

It sounds like you are a Project Online administrator since you were able to add the calendar as an enterprise calendar. Regarding the resources in this project, as the administrator, did you actually check out these resources for editing from the Resource Center page in PWA and then specify their Base Calendar value there? If you only changed this in the project itself, the resources will always revert back to their settings in the Enterprise Resource Pool. Please let us know and we will try to help you.

Hi Dale


Thanks for the swift reply

I didnt check out the resources, only changed it in the resource step of the upload wizard.


If I change it in the online resource it will change all other projects they are assigned to wont it? As this is a one off is there a way to upload but to only use the project calendar rather than the resource calendar?


Thanks for your help


Matt --

OK, I located the source of your problem. No, there is not a "one off" method to resolve your calendar problem. Sorry, but hope this helps.

Hi @Dale_HowardMVP 

OK thank you. 
Is there a way round this then? Id actually prefer the system to always take the project / work hours calendar over the resources calendar when we upload. So happy to change a setting to make this happen as a permanent thing if its possible



Matthew --

The only workaround of which I can think is to manually change the Base Calendar value in the Resource Sheet view for each of your project's resources. You would need to do this every time you open your enterprise project. You could probably write a macro in VBA to automate the process. But, as I stated earlier, there is no way for a project manager to permanently change any values for enterprise resources in the actual enterprise project. This has been a limitation of both Project Server and Project Online for a very long time. Sorry, but hope this helps.
Thanks Dale
I had tried that workaround but everytime I publish time timeline reverts
The only thing I havent tried is creating a generic resource which has the same calendar as the project calendar, not ideal but may work.
Thanks for your help