Project Online Not Saving Value for Enterprise Custom Field

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Hi All,
I have added a new Enterprise Custom Field:
FieldName - Customer

Entity - Project

Type - Text (Single Line - no lookup table)


When I go to the Project -> Project Details and look at the field value, it is blank.


If I then go to Project -> Edit, a value appears in the field....


I then Save and close, check in, and I get a blank value again.



Any ideas????

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Hello @Riddletonm,

When you click Save on that PDP, do you see the following status messages appear on the page:







Also check the queue jobs page in PWA Settings - do you see all three jobs for this project:



Is this the same issue for all projects or just this one? Can you open the Project in MS Project Desktop, check the value is set there in the Project Information window then Save and then Publish from the Desktop app. Then take a look in PWA.