Project Online - Granting access to Project Site, Schedule, and Project Details

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I am trying to nail down exactly what access and where to grant that access to give users who are part of a Project Team access to the Project Site and also the Schedule and Project Details (when clicking the Project Name link from the Project Center).  We are set to use Project Permission Mode.


Currently, I have been sharing the Project Site with users directly from the Project Site screen and to grant access to the Schedule, I was highlighting the Project from the project Center, clicking Project Permissions, and then select the following:


View Project Summary in Project Center; View Project Site; View Project Schedule in Project Web App


They can now see the schedule, but cannot see the Project Details.


Also, their My Tasks screen is blank, even though they have tasks assigned on various projects.


Please advise.  


Thank you.

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@John Passaro --


First of all, your team members must be resources in the Enterprise Resource Pool and must be members of the Team Members security group in PWA.  The project manager must add these team members to a project using the Build Team dialog and then must assign the team members to tasks.  The PM must also PUBLISH the project after all of the team members are assigned to tasks (VERY important step).


Also, confirm that each of these resources is their own Default Assignment Owner from the Resource Center page.  With all of these steps completed, the default permissions will allow the team members to access the Project Sites for the projects in which they are assigned to tasks, and will display their tasks on their own Tasks page in PWA.


Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 


Currently in the process of setting up our new PWA so this is of interest to me.


Do team members need to have a license for project plan 1,3 or 5 in order to interact with the PWA in any way? I've got plan 5, whilst 2 project managers have plan 3, and our team leads have plan 1.


Our company assigns a MS 365 business basic license to all employees so i'm led to believe that they should be able to view anything shared to them directly from the PWA. However, when we first experimented with project on the web (prior to upgrading to project online) we had issues where some users could not view a project plan even though they were part of the teams group it had been shared to.

Lee --

Good question. Anyone who is an application administrator will need Project Plan 5, which you already have. Project managers will need Project Plan 3, which your two PMs already have. Depending on what you want your Team Leads to do (such as open and edit a project), they will either need the Project Plan 3 license or the Project Essentials license. Project Plan 1 is the WRONG license for your team leads, as this grants access only to the Project for the Web application, which is not connected to Project Online in any way, shape, or form. Team members will need the Project Essentials license as well. This will allow everyone in your organization to use Project Online as they need to do. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 


Hi Dale, that's great to know, thank you for your help. It would be good if MS made these things much clearer instead of needing to ask a forum.


It's the same setting up the PWA, the guides on youtube give off the impression that everything works out of the box but it's not the case, and now i've got a bit of work to do setting it up. Luckily there's this forum, the MS getting started guide and some vids on youtube. Fingers crossed!