Project Online Formula not working

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I have added one formula to an Enterprise Custom Field( task level -text) . This formula works perfectly fine in MS project but it does not work on project online.
Scenario :-
I have added two persons in resource column. I am extracting these two persons in Maker and Checker columns
Formulas are


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Sorry but "does not work" does not give us any useful information. Do you get an error? Do you not get the result you are expecting? What exactly, does not work?



@John-project  There is no error . I am not getting the expected result. The field remain blank. Please see see screenshot below



I'm confused by your screen shot. Is it a shot of what you see in Project Online? The first line shows a Maker and Checker with names, neither of which appear in the Resource Names field. What Project fields are represented by "Maker" and "Checker"?