Project online - Domain & UPN change

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Hi all,


We recently added a new domain and on-prem identity sync to our Microsoft 365 tenant.


This has royally screwed up Project online for our users, and it was only after the fact that I read that UPN & Domain changes are not supported for Project Online -


User are experiencing "access denied" to various project pages, even though the permissions for the account are setup correctly. I assume this is a disconnect from their old UPN/domain.


Anyway my question is, what are our options now? Seems a bit crazy that once project online is setup that a tenants domain or UPN can never been changed???


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Hi @bleddy81,

Have you tried opening a support ticket on your Office 365 tenant? I'm not sure of the best way out of this as I've not been in that situation so probably best to get support advice from Microsoft Support. It might be that they say you are in an unsupported state though but see what they say.