Project online doesn't access

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I cannot access the process project online with Microsoft Project Plan 3

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Hello @Touch_Neang ,

What is the issue? Do you see an error? What is the target PWA site? You can check here:




I cannot click on the word Go to Project online as I have Cycled the color above
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Hello @Touch_Neang ,

When you click the settings cog from Project Home and click "My PWA Site" is the correct URL displayed?


Dear Paul Mather,
When I Clicked "My PWA Site" it correct URL but it doesn't access
Hi Touch, your admin has to have enabled PWA for your org to use that link. You may only have project for the web, which you access all plans and functionality through power apps or

Hello @Touch_Neang,

The URL in "My PWA Site" works fine if you copy and paste the URL into another browser window?