Project Online Disaster Recovery Details

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Does anybody have the details (or a link to a whitepaper/blog) around disaster recovery in Project Online?  The product details page for Project Online Premium site says "Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, as well as continuous data back-up, best-in-class disaster recovery, and data centers around the world.", but I cannot seem to find any details.  Questions like, how often is the environment backed up?  How granular (and to what point in time) can you restore the Project Online environment?


I know there are a number of 3rd party tools available, but it would help to understand what is available out-of-box so that we can help customers understand what gaps there are and what tools we could use to address.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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@Michael Shea I know this is a bit out of date but it was the first search result on Bing!


I was looking for more info too - this is what I found in the official Online Service Description:

Data backup and retention

Project for the web and Project Online both have the same data backup and retention policy as Office 365. For details, see Data Retention, Deletion, and Destruction in Office 365.


It's still not particularly clear, especially where we are trying to list the RPO and RTO of all our services. From what I can gather you get 90 days to recover elements out of online recycle bins but if an admin deletes something out of a recycle bin then it's gone permanently.