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Hello together - wish you all a happy day :smile:Hopes you can help me.


We use MS Project Online (Plan5) with client Project Prof. 2016


I manage multible projects at the same time, when I enter a resource and a resource conflict is displayes, I switch to Team Planner to view it.

If the conflict is with another project, I have to double-click on the task, then I get the project name, but not the task name.

Is it possible to display the name of the task?



Jürgen Prechtl

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Hi @JuergenPrechtl 

If the other project is not opened, you cannot see the task name but only the project name. This is a security matter, the project manager of a project might not have the right to access any other projects. You'll note this is the same behavior in the resource usage view. For a give resource, you can see his assignment on the open project at task level, but the assignments on other projects are at project level.