Project Online CSOM: Get Assignment work per day plan

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I have created a simple CSOM Application in VB.NET and i am able to view the assignments are assigned to Resource.

i have used following code to get Assignments for a resource:

 Dim entResUid As Guid = New Guid(ListView3.SelectedItems.Item(0).SubItems(0).Text)

 Dim ResourceOne = projContext.EnterpriseResources.GetByGuid(entResUid)

 Dim ResAssignment = projContext.EnterpriseResources.GetByGuid(entResUid).Assignments


the code is working fine,  for example i got the "Work" for a single assignment as 20hours.


But i need the work allocated per day says FirstDay 8 hrs, SecondDay 8hrs and third day 4 hrs


Is possible to get the work allocated per day instead of total work for assignment in CSOM.


please help me to get output



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@TJTalha Have you tried using AssignmentTimephasedDataset table?