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Hi all

I have just started to look at Project Online and would like to ask for some help on the resources.

I can see that you can see the capacity and utilisation for individual resources, but is it possible to group some resources together so i can see the capacity and demand for that group e.g. if we have 4 trainers, can I see the capacity and utilisation for a team / group called "Training Team"? It's quite important for our scheduling of work, knowing when a team has peaks and troughs, rather than individuals.

thanks in advance!

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Hello @scotthannaford1973 ,

Yes you can do this. Edit a resource and scroll down to the section "Team Details". You can create a Team so that the capacity is at the Team level rather than the individuals. Here is a good post: 


@Paul Mather 


much appreciated - have been struggling to find anything useful so that's fabulous.


many thanks!