Project Online Creates Project Tasks instead of SharePoint Tasks

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Default Enterprise Project Type is SharePoint Tasks List with Site Creation option set to "Allow users to choose".


I want to automate create SharePoint Tasks List project mimicking out of the box feature "SharePoint Task List" see screenshot below.

When a list item is created in another SharePoint site I want to create the project and SharePoint Tasks List.



However, it keeps activating the Enterprise Project Features and the task is created as Project Task. 


The tasks is not editable in SharePoint Site until I disable the Enterprise Project Feature.



Appreciate any feedback.

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Hello @hikmatune 

It seems like the default Project Online "Create new project" action creates a new Enterprise Project, my only suggestion would be to drop the default Project Online Create new project action and use a SharePoint HTTP action and use a REST query to create the new project.


@Paul Mather  Thanks for the reply.


Do you mean using _api/ProjectServer/Projects/Add?

I have done that and can only pass few parameters in the body


    'parameters': {
      'Name':'Porject Name',
      'Start': '2019-09-26',
      'Description': 'Created from PowerShell using REST API'

Still same thing, what am I missing?