Project Online and On-premis difference

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I am planning to use Project and start free trial.

During the research, we found some difference between Project 2021 and Online.

Does my understanding below are collect or not?


1. Heatmap - Is it available only Project Online?

Evaluate resource capacity in Project Online (


2. Teams viewer - Does Project 2021 have Teams connector and can view .mpp file directly?


3. File CoEdit - Is Project 2021 can co-edit files by multiple users?

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Hello @rmatsu0119 

1: That feature is available in Project Server On-premises (from 2016 onwards I believe - I don't use On-premises anymore, only services in Microsoft 365 so I can't confirm 100% the version) and Project Online. Not Project for the web though

2: Project Online / Project Server / MS Project does not have a Microsoft Teams app, only Project for the web has a Microsoft Teams app

3: Co-authoring is only supported in Project for the web, not Project Online / Project Server / MS Project

I hope that helps


Dear @Paul Mather ,
I am much appreciated for your answer.
Currently we are comparing Project Standard 2021 and Project Plan 1.

Based on your answer, I understand that Project Standard 2021 cannot satisfy these 3 functions.

And Project Plan 1 have all these 3 functions.

Thank you again for your reply. It helped me lot!

rmatsu0119 --

Pardon me for bumping into this conversation. To correct you understanding, Project Plan 1 (formally known as Project for the Web) does not include a Heat Map feature. Hope this clarification helps.
Dear @Dale Howard,

Thank you for correcting my misunderstand.
To use heatmap, Project Plan 3 or 5 is required.
I will remember it.