Project Online & Power BI - Issue with Task's Resource Names vs Assignment's Resource Name

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I hope you are all fine.

I have the following issue: I connect to our company's Project Online through Odata in Power BI Desktop to retrieve Projects, Tasks and Assignments to build a customized report.


If it helps:

  • Power BI Desktop: Version: 2.96.1061.0 64-bit August 2021

  • Project Online: for now I use the web version to check some data until I get permission to use the Desktop Client


The issue is the following (simplified example):


  • Project Online shows a certain task "Task 1" with "Resource Names" column as: John; Silver; Leyla

  • But in Power Bi, Assignments table shows 3 rows with the following info in "Resource Name":

    • Task 1, Assignment 1:John (ok)

    • Task 1, Assignment 2: Generic Local Resource (not ok or at least, not consistent)

    • Task 1, Assignment 3: Leyla (ok)


Formerly, Silver appeared as Resource Name for Task1, Assignment 2 in the Assignments table, but he left the company some months ago and after that, this discrepancy appeared.

Project Online keeps on showing him in the "Resource Names" column but not in the Assignments table imported to Power BI, which is a problem for my report.

Moreover, the "Resource Names" column doesn't come in the imported Tasks table.


Is this a common issue? Is there any way to fix this or to work around it?


Thanks a lot!



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