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I am using project on web. Is there a way to set up email notifications with reminders of project tasks late or due in the next 7 days and for it to pick current projects not completed ones?

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Hello @pndungu ,

You can build your own notifications fairly easily using Power Automate. You could start with this template and customise to what you need: 


We're trying to do the same thing with Project for Web. I was wondering about the below link though.

It looks like there are built in notifications for things like tasks starting soon, tasks ending soon, tasks changing status, etc. When we look at notification options though, we only see options to be notified when someone is added to a task or to a project/roadmap.

Is this feature not included in a Project Plan 1 subscription.

@cheesedburger The link you posted is for Project Online, not Project for the Web.