Project Odata API doesn't fetch columns like Predecessors, Notes, Resource Names

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We are connecting to Project Online via an Odata Query for reporting in Power BI. I am not able to fetch the fields like Notes, Predecessors, Resource Names.


May i know why these fields as not being retrieved and is there any alternate way to get these fields via Odata API


I have tried the following entities, but couldn't see these columns


Odata Query : https://<HostName>/sites/<SiteName>/_api/ProjectData/{Entity}


1) Projects

2) Tasks

3) TaskBaselines

4) Resources 

5) Assignments

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Notes - I believe that information is no longer accessible, but I could be wrong.

Resource Name - OData.Feed(SiteBaseURL & "/_api/ProjectData/Resources?$select=ResourceId, ResourceName", null, [Implementation = "2.0"])

Predecessor and Successor info can be found in the ProjectServer Project/TaskLinks table, This should get you started
- OData.Feed(SiteBaseURL & "/_api/ProjectServer/Projects"). 
- Remove all columns EXCEPT TaskLinks
- Expand table and select the fields you want  
- Link this data into your model to get project name and task name

Here is a link to Schema: ReportingData (ProjectData service) | Microsoft Learn

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Hello @Lalith_Damera ,



@Paul Mather 


Thanks for the inputs Paul. With respect to the Notes, Predecessors and successor, i agree that there is no direct way to get these fields using the direct odata API query.


But it seems to be the case for the 'Resource Names' filed as well. Please find below screen shot of the field that i am looking for in the reporting API. Please advice




That information would be in the Odata Query : https://<HostName>/sites/<SiteName>/_api/ProjectData/Assignment table.

With the exception of the Notes field all of these fields are directly available via OData API queries. I actually have them in my data model.

Hello @Lalith_Damera ,

You can assignment data from the assignments endpoint, for example: _api/ProjectData/Assignments


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