Project -'No Calculations Can be Performed Now' File Corrupt

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I have Microsoft (bus.) 365 Project. I have been experiencing errors that lead to crashes. Below is one of the more request messages I'll receive however the information in the warning does not match my project at all. I daily back up my file. However when a warning message like this appears and when i click "ok" my entire project file is distorted and damaged. Anyone have any insight on this, and how can it can be corrected, prevented and other tips? Thank you in advanced. 

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I see the message talks about a master schedule. Is this file part of a dynamic master with inserted subprojects? That might be part of the reason you are experiencing crashes, depending on how the structure is set up. Linked structures in Project are prone to corruption.


As far as the circular relationship, there is no simple way to ferret out the base cause without analyzing the file. Circular relationships are sometimes caused by links on summary lines but may also be caused by task links that when traced out follow a path that ties back around (e.g. circular).


Tell us more about what you have and then maybe we can give you some insight. If necessary, would you be willing to share you file?