We couldn’t open your project (Correlation ID error)

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Hi, I'm getting this error while trying to open a project in Project online. 

I am the manager of this project; and have a Project 1 license assigned:


We couldn’t open your project.
Return to Project Home and try opening it again.
If you contact support, you can give the following information to the support agent. Correlation ID: a7a8a8ed-a909-49a3-a963-e4e11fcd528f
Thanks for your assistance and knowledge!




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I'm having the same issue currently, wondering if there was ever any resolution and what that resolution was? This site is worthless unless there are responses to peoples' posts.
Cmedley67 --

This user forum is staff totally by volunteers. None of us work for Microsoft. We answer the questions that we are able to answer. If no one answers a post, that means we either do not know the answer, or cannot answer the question because we lack the backend tools to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. In the case of this user's question, we do not have the backend tools, so we cannot answer the question. If you need immediate support with a problem, then I would recommend you open a ticket with Microsoft Support. Hope this helps.