Project hyperlink minimize behavior

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When I click a hyperlink from the hyperlink field, project immediately minimizes while opening the browser link.  If I right click the hyperlink field, select Hyperlink, then Open in New Window, Project does not minimize.  I've searched on the topic and normally the answer is pointed to browser or OS settings.  It's a pain.  Is there anyway to modify the behavior of the click on the hyperlink within project to simply do the same thing that the right click procedure does?  It would be most beneficial.



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@JeffA86 -- I tested this with Microsoft Project 2016 and can pretty much confirm what you are experiencing.  When I click a hyperlink on a task, the Windows system sends Microsoft Project into the background while launching my default web browser. I also tested using hyperlinks in both Microsoft Word 2016 and Microsoft Excel 2016, and saw the same behavior as Microsoft Project 2016.  Based on that, I suspect that this is the default behavior of Microsoft Office products, and that there is no way to change this behavior.  Sorry for the bad news, but hope this helps.