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Hi All, is there way to utilize AAD user table instead or SystemUser table in the app for all the people picker values , for example in the project request form , for the owner or requested by or executive sponsor or generally adding a new resource, need to look up the users from AAD instead of environment users.  

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What problem are you trying to solve?
I want to get the users from AAD instead of restricting the lookup values to the users in the environment, some of these requestors or owners wont be in the environment, As a team looking at different project requests we want to utilize the AAD table instead.



The only way I have found to do this is create new columns in the table to mimic the originals which is a pain as you then need to go on and amend other things like the power bi reports etc. Would be interested if anyone has found a way to modify the original columns 

ah i see , i was trying to poke around the app to see if I can swap out the User table with AAD table ,but looks like its not that straightforward. And do you know if there any possibility to Connect to Azure Devops , boards ? to bring in workitems as project requests?
you would probably have to do this as a power automate flow, collect data from azure DO tickets, parse in power automate and place the outputs of that ETL in new rows in msdyn_projectrequests table.