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How do you close or archive a project? 


Basically I do not want the project to be available in the web app or when using power bi or power apps.

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Hello @locious ,

You could use the Deactivate option from the Model Driven interface then use the status code value to remove these projects from the Power BI Reports:



This updates the status for the project, you can use this to filter in reports etc.:

Deactive Data.png


See if that is an option for you.


@Paul Mather Thanks for your response. I'm new to project, power apps and power bi. 


I was able to deactivate the project, but i'm unable to find the filter to report on in power bi. Can you point me in the right direction here?


Keep in mind i'm using the CDS for my data source from Project for the web.



Hello @locious ,

You will need to open the Power BI Report in Power BI Desktop > Click Transform Data then in the query editor like below on the Projects Staging query:


 Then click close and apply.


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