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We have recently begun using Project for the Web and frankly, it has been great. It has made a big difference, however, there is one small snag. As an IT company, we often work on a weekend, but it appears we cannot schedule work for Saturday or Sunday in Project for the Web. All the information I can find to set up the workdays on a project refer to Project Desktop client, but nothing for Project for the Web. 


We get the following error 'Task start moved to the next working day' and it reschedules to the next working day.


I have attached a small video showing the issue. I would appreciate any pointers you may have for being able to set a task to be worked on a weekend.

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I second this. We can work around it by just saying if it's scheduled on Fri/Mon it's a weekend project. But, we shouldn't have to do this.
Leigh --

You cannot schedule tasks over the weekend using the native "front end" Project for the Web application. However, you can create custom calendars and configure weekend only resources using the "back end" of Project for the Web, which is the Microsoft Dynamics platform. I realize that is probably not an option for most users, and frankly, I believe people should be able to do custom scheduling using the "front end" Project for the Web." Sorry, but hope this helps.

@Dale Howard Thanks for the info.  As you already understand that's not an option for most users and huge oversite.  Each "tier" of project should have some overlapping functionality.  The web version should include weekends and the full project should be able to filter them out if desired.