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Dear all,


in case of creating a custom column in Project for the Web what is the quickest way to update all cells of this column?

Example: I want to mark tasks as active or inactive. Therefor, custom column of type "yes/no" is created. Default value of column is "no" -> how can I update all cells to the values "yes". Copy&paste is not working, drag&copy neither. Renaming the column to "inactive" would not be a solution that can be generalized.



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CuriousProjectUser -

Well, after running an experiment with your scenario, it would be nice if Project for the Web offered the "fill down" functionality found in Microsoft Excel and the Microsoft Project desktop application. And it would be nice if the software had the "copy cell" functionality found in these two applications as well. Alas, Project for the Web offers neither. Based on the results of my experiment, I think you will need to manually select a value for each task in the custom field. Sorry, but hope this helps.
Thanks for completing my picture; unfortunately without "fill down" or "copy cell" functionality adding custom columns comes with a taste. Maybe these functionalities will be considered for one of the next updates of Project for the Web.
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Just ran another try: when copying the exact amount of cells from excel into the range of cells into PFW pasting works.
Good for you! Way to go, my friend.