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Hi everyone!

Since uservoice cannot be used anymore, I hope this post will be read by a MSFT product group and take the suggestion in consideration :)

MS To-do (and/or Tasks by Planner) slowly but surely becomes the central place for tasks around the product line, but one missing piece of the puzzle which I am sure everyone would love is the ability to see the tasks from Project for the web assigned to me in To-do / Tasks by Planner.

It is great already that Planner tasks are in to-do (for small/agile projects), but when it comes to complex/waterfall this feature is missing.

Does anyone know if this is planned somehow? I could not find anything in MS roadmap...

Thank you.

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Post has been edited to add details on the new Planner experience.


Hi @internationalcio , so it looks like Microsoft is folding Project for the Web into Planner. Planner shall, going forward, have 2 tiers - the Basic one (which we are all familiar with), and a Premium tier (which is essentially Project for the Web). You can see details in this YouTube video they uploaded yesterday: All the tasks, including the ones on Planner Premium (current Project for the web) can be managed through the central To-do app or 'Assigned to me' view. They claim that this will be rolled out in early 2024, but we'll have to wait and watch if this timeline is indeed kept. Existing Project for the Web users will have access tot the premium offerings at no extra cost. You can read more at .

@VivekSubramanian the approach makes sense... interesting I will go deeper with your info. thanks a lot! 


Hi Adam, I know the new planner will resolve the issue but I would already like to have this working today the way you described. Could you share some details or prinstscreens of the solution with just 2 flows? Thanks