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Hi everyone!

Since uservoice cannot be used anymore, I hope this post will be read by a MSFT product group and take the suggestion in consideration :)

MS To-do (and/or Tasks by Planner) slowly but surely becomes the central place for tasks around the product line, but one missing piece of the puzzle which I am sure everyone would love is the ability to see the tasks from Project for the web assigned to me in To-do / Tasks by Planner.

It is great already that Planner tasks are in to-do (for small/agile projects), but when it comes to complex/waterfall this feature is missing.

Does anyone know if this is planned somehow? I could not find anything in MS roadmap...

Thank you.

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@AdamTreadwell any chance you can tell me how to do it?? :)
In the Webinar - given in November 2021 (10 months ago) Cathy Harley said this feature was coming 'soon' but it's not yet on the roadmap for Projects for the Web. Any update on when this feature will be implemented? A central place for managing tasks for team members who don't have a project license is crucial.
Hi, does anyone know what si the status of this issue?

Any update on this?

@Curzio Scuffi On the 10/12/22 Project Blog, Microsoft announced that tasks in Project for the Web would show up in the "Assigned to me" tab in Tasks within Teams. They indicated that it would roll out in the "next couple of months". We shall see if that holds true, as it isn't on the Microsoft Roadmap.

@Adam, Any chance you could share the templates for your 2 Power Automates or the instructions? I can see how to add a Task, but I can't figure out the "Assigned To" portion of the project and I would like the project to push the tasks out to each employee's To Do list.
Thanks for the links, @tvaughn12 - it now shows up in the roadmap as being generally available from Aug 2023 :)

@Cloron_Hylton see thread..... :)

I hope it comes asap, because it is for me key to roll out the product in my company. To Do tool is the operational user center for any task, it doesn’t matter where you create the tasks.
All --

Please do not shoot the messenger. I am a volunteer in this user forum and I do not work for Microsoft. I know that many of you have been disappointed about a feature that was announced, which Microsoft then seems to have cancelled. I suspect that the new Assigned to Me functionality in Project for the Web is meant to replace displaying Project for the Web tasks in the To Do app. I DO NOT know this for sure, but that is the only way I can explain how the feature was announced, and then seems to have been dropped. We can wait and hope for the functionality you seek, but I suspect it is never coming. Sorry, but hope this helps.
I just tried doing this in Power Automate, but there doesn't seem to be a trigger for "Assigned To" in the Power Automate docs available at

So it seems that it is not possible to implement this currently.

@jbchang Thanks for sharing this info! It's nice to finally have some insight into the status of this enhancement.


The roadmap mentions that a preview is available June 2023. Can anyone provide any info on the preview?

I'm unable to access the link mentioned on July 8, 2022:


Can someone confirm if it is still active, please? I receive, "Something's missing...
It seems the page you're looking for doesn't exist, or you don't have permission to view it."

Thank you.

@sknoop-cosc This link? Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365 It's still active for me.

Hi, @Kates2445, thanks for checking. My apologies. I thought the reply button would create a thread on the user's comment. I corrected my post above :)



Any info about this roll out? Do you know when it will be ready for user?





Regarding this update: Microsoft Project: Assigned to Me view for Project Tasks, I see that it is not in Development nor rolling out or launched. 


Do you have any info about?



@internationalcio Yes, unfortunate its not showing up in the development roadmap anymore. They've added a cryptic line stating "This item will be republished in the future with updated information."  Adding the link and screenshot (incase it gets taken down) here : Microsoft roadmap todo projects integration.png

Thanks for the info. I think this is a key point to roll out MS Project. A user who only has to solve a task from a project shouldn't need to have licence niether other place that the ToDo app to manage the task. If project has a board view similar to Planner, why we cannot manage our tasks assigned in Todo like we do with Planner tasks...?.

In my case, the roll out of the tool is generally stopped due to only this small point.