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Hi All,

I have Project for the web running in my environment. I am already using the project form and have done lots of customization on the project table/entity. Now I want to use Task grid to schedule project tasks. Currently I can see two Project for the web solutions and in my environment solution list. I am facing an issue with the Task grid on the project form. The task grid is not showing properly, it is shrunk, and I can't see or schedule new tasks.



Please help me fix this issue.


One-more thing, Can I access the project task grid through the link?? below sample link i got from MS document? you can find more details about that link in MS Doc Link<lang>/?org=<cdsServer>#/taskgrid?projectId=<id>&type=2


Thanks in advance :smile:


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Hello @muhammadsaadfahim ,

On the form settings there is an option "expand first component to full tab", ensure this is enabled for Tasks and publish the form. This setting is seen below (not in relation to Project for the web but for Power Apps) 

Screenshot below from a fellow MVP (Erik):



@Paul MatherThe solution worked.


Thanks for your response :smile::happyface: