Project for the Web Summary Tasks and Buckets

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I have Summary Tasks (rows) in P4W that do not show a Bucket in the Grid view, however when I connect the Microsoft Project for the Web Power BI Template.pbit to my data, the Projects Tasks data tables have a value in the msdyn_projectbucket column for those Summary Tasks.  Which then shows up in my reports.  I didn't apply a bucket and none show up in Grid view.  How did it get there ?  Where is that value applied to that cell ?



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Hello @barry2099,

All tasks get a bucket value by default when they are created so it's either the default bucket value from your project, if this is the default board it would be "Bucket 1". Or a bucket value was set for this task before it was made a Summary / parent task. The bucket values are just hidden from the UI for summary / parent tasks but the data is kept in the data verse tables, hence you see this data in the report.


Thank you !