Project for the Web - subtask identifier?

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Hi there

Is there an easy way to identify whether a task in Project for the Web is a subtask? I'm hoping to display main project tasks only in Power BI (including a main task without subtasks). 

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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MAC --

The only way I can see to do this would be to use the Outline Number field. Insert that field in the Grid view and take a look at the numbering scheme. Perhaps you can use the data from this field to help you generate your Power BI report. Hope this helps.
you can view the WBS numbering to know if this is a main task or sub task

Hello @MAC ,

Can't you use the msdyn_summary field?


Thanks - where can I find the WBS numbering in Project for the Web (just to clarify - I'm not using Project Online).
Hi Paul, unfortunately not - filtering on the summary field will only display tasks with subtasks, not standalone tasks.

Hello @MAC ,

Now I think I understand what you want to see, can't you use msdyn_parenttask and show only tasks where this field is null?