Project for the web - Roadmap from Microsoft?

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Is there somewhere a development roadmap of features coming to project for the web?


Particular dependencies are so limited, I find shameful the price MS is charging for an annual license considering how primitive it is. 

Lags seem to only to work by dragging it on the timeline, but they get deleted when things move around overall. You cannot edit them in the grid, like in the project version for desktop and is missed any basic features around lags ( as in task +- time, start to start, or finish to start etc. ) . 

Options for manual and automatic scheduling of tasks ...?


e.g. I can move task 2 ahead of task 1 on the timeline to create a lag/gap of 2 weeks. But if I move task 1 around task 2 does not follow task1 with a constant 2 week lag. The lag disappears if I move task 1 forward in time, or the lag extends if I move task 1 backwards in time. It seem to me that once you create a lag on the time line, then the task behalves like manual scheduled, but can start no sooner than the predecessor.  

This implementation of lags is very useless in practice. That means larger schedules with lag cannot be readjusted ones schedules as lags all get messed up when things move around.


I hope this sees some updates soon!!  


Are there any known plans to make the lags usable in project online? 


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Do we expect this feature might be added soon? It's still not available in the roadmap shared and it's a critical feature for project scheduling.

@Amos Wachanga it's hard to say, but you can vote on the item and leave a comment, which can only help. Lead and Lag Times in Project for the Web · Community (

Thanks for the quick reply @RFromm. Will also feedback to the customers since we have a number not able to migrate because of this.
Amos --

No one in this forum works for Microsoft and we are all volunteers. So, if a feature is not shown on the Roadmap, we have no way of knowing if this feature will ever be added to Project for the Web. One can always hope, however!