Project for the web - Productive vs. Default environment

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Hallo community,


I have deployed Project for the web in a separate productive environment and have kind of a permission issue.


When assigning a project to an M365 Group, that group gets owner rights on that specific project.

That implies that the project can be deleted by every member of the group.

But this differs on how you access the project's website.

Group members just have E5 license with "Project for Office (Plan E5)" activated.


To access the project in the default environment, the URL is like...{page}?projectId={projectGuid}


And I am not able to delete the project although I am a member of the group:



When I access the project per environment URL that is like...


Than I am able to delete that project:



When creating a separate productive environment, accessing the project is just possible with the environment URL. When I try to access the project with{page}?projectId={projectGuid} I get the following error:




How can I access the project via{page}?projectId={projectGuid} as a group member in a separate productive environment?

Or what do I need to do that group members are not able to delete the project the group is assigned to?


Thank you for your support.


Kind regards,


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Hi Benjamin,

For project for the web, you cannot access "named" (non default environments) through, only through the named env power apps URL or through the power apps environment. you will need to give them access to the named project for the web instance, either via an open link if anyone in org can access or by adding them to the azure AD security group if you have elected to do it that way.



Hi Domlit,

thank you for your reply.

The project member in the M365 group do have access to the project.
I just don't want them to be able to delete the project by accessing the project through the environment URL.

They should only be able to edit their assigned tasks.

The only solution I figured out by myself is not assigning the M365 group to the project directly but to release the project to the M365 group and give them just read and write permission:






Maybe you know another way how to prevent the project members to be able to delete the project when accessing the project through the environment URL?